Interface containing a pair of functions that an outputhandler is supposed to call before and after materializing a data entity/template to stop SAX events from being submitted to it meanwhile. A platform implementation of this interface to take care of the specifics to pause and resume events needs to be constructed and then supplied to an outputhandler's constructor.

Note that pause_events and resume_events must be called on the same object: the saxeventmanager object passed to an outputhandler must be supplied down to further processing components (entitymanager etc.) into a nested outputhandler handling the template content output; that outputhandler should call resume_events after it has completed any output for the template.

Needed only for async/evented I/O, where templates are processed asynchronously, and thus output from main SAX events must be paused.

Name Description
pause_events Pauses sending SAX events.
resume_events Resumes sending SAX events.

Member Details


Pauses sending SAX events.


Resumes sending SAX events.