Name Description
Linereader Pausable linereader for node.
Locator Class wrapping a stack of entity reference names and related external system identifiers (file names currently processed, if applicable).
Markupdefinitions Container holding document prolog metadata and associated parsing/maintenance routines.
PlatformBaseEntitymanager Entitymanager for node-js.
PlatformEntitymanager Entitymanager containing (eventually) implementations of optimized code paths for common multi-templating backends (such as SQL database), or otherwise just delegating to PlatformEntitymanager in the absence of optimized code.
PlatformErrorhandler Errorhandler for node command line app or middleware.
Platformsaxeventmanager Saxeventmanager implementation to pause/resume SAX event delivery.
PlatformStringRecordmanager Class wrapping a string constant to act as input stream/recordmanager.
Sgmldecl Container and parsing/manipulation routines for properties representing SGML/WebSGML declaration options.
StringStream Implementation of a stream-over-string class (a Readable with a string as input source) that can be used with Platformrecordmanager.
SystemSpecificEntityResolver Resolver for system-specific and external subset entities.
Tokenizer Central SGML parsing module receiving input record events (from a Recordmanager and emitting SAX events to the registerered DocumentHandler, {@link DTDHandler}, and LexicalHandler implementations. SGML port for node.js

Contains implementations for core SGML classes/interfaces providing fully asynchronous SGML processing on node.js.

See web section and SAX for web and command line usage examples.

Be sure to understand requirements/limitations as discussed on with respect to HTTP request isolation features such as exception domains, as well as clustering/high-availability and other features for supporting robust, long-running web server processes on Node.js.