Entities in Link Rules Examples


(use eg. onsgmls --activate=l basic.sgm to see result of SP processing); shows that parameter entities don't get expanded in literals in data attribute specifications in link rules by SP, whereas the do get expanded by $productname

... nor are parameter entities expanded by SP when used as replacement for the attribute value part outside of literals
... nor are parameter entities expanded by SP elsewhere in attribute specifications of link attributes

parameter entities are expanded by SP (and $productname) when occuring as the attribute specification part of link rules

link-rules-with-entities/ge-test1.sgm link-rules-with-entities/ge-test2.sgm link-rules-with-entities/ge-test2.sgm
general entities in attribute specifications of link types are expanded (by both SP and $productname) subject to prority rules for multiple declaration sets (ie. giving priority to LPD-declared entities over DTD-declared ones)