release 0.0.10-alpha

July 22, 2019 by Marcus

Initial public release for SGML is a modern SGML system simultaneously released - as a portable, self-contained `sgmlproc` command-line utility for any Unix-like system (including Linux, Mac OS, and Windows running Ubuntu Linux using WSL) for rendering SGML to HTML or XML and for other general-purpose SGML processing - as a Node.js package containing - a web backend for processing HTTP requests by rendering SGML or HTML files into HTML responses - a JavaScript program for rendering SGML or HTML into a DOM on a web browser, designed to work transparently with the web backend such that the rendered results are exactly the same - an `sgmlproc` utility for Node.js working just like the generic Unix command-line program version. implements significant parts of ISO 8879:1986/Cor.2:1999(E) (WebSGML) and some parts of ISO/IEC 10744 (HyTime Second Ed.) (namely Formal System Identifiers and parts of General Architecture). is released under the GNU Lesser General Public License version 3. In addition, *pro* is available as commercial software with support options and the following additional features: - a natively-compiled version running as a stand-alone binary command-line executable and as native web backend based on the Apache web server - Node.js-version-specific adaptions for serving web traffic at scale such as request isolation (improved error handling), backpressure propagation, and alternative I/O code paths - support for querying SQL databases and integrating query results into SGML (see [SQL storage manager notation](/docs/sgmlrefman.html#sql-storage-manager-notation)); note any version can query databases by invoking external third-party SQL querying tools or other programs via the `exec` storage manager notation - XML namespaces support according to ISO/IEC 197575-9:2008(en) and experimental limited XML schema support (support of XML schema as an alternative syntax to express DTD properties in accordance with the concept of WebSGML DTD notations and DTD data entities as specified in ISO 8879:1986/Cor.2:1999(E)) - support for dynamic SGML declarations (with limited support for select declaration parameters, see [SGML declaration](/docs/sgmlrefman.html#sgml-declaration)) - support for activating more than a single explicit link process (eg. an SGML declaration containing FEATURES OTHER LINK EXPLICTIT n for n > 1) and support for applying templates in explicit link processes other than in the final link process (see [Restrictions for template in pipleined explicit link processes](/docs/templating.html#restrictions-for-templates-in-pipelined-explicit-link-processes))

DTD for W3C HTML 5.2

July 22, 2019 by Marcus

Initial release of an SGML DTD for HTML as specified by W3C's HTML 5.2 recommendation

This new DTD contains updates for W2C HTML 5.2 as well as corrections relative to the previous version. See [HTML5.2 DTD Reference](/docs/w3c-html52-dtd.html) for details. The W3C HTML 5.2 Mini-DTD is bundled as part of